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is locked, Xiao Ting also brow Wei Zhou, but he'd experienced was not the slightest panic,Cheap Coach, hands dancing rapidly heavy foot, a foot shadow dense surfaced road,Coach Factory Outlet, into heavy defense.
Baoshe overwhelming black chains on foot shadow defense, suddenly burst into rolling crisp sound, spark is flashing rapidly, and in the ten road black chain frenzied attack, shadow defense that round ball feet, turned out to be in the air shook the rapid retreat.
'lost a puppet, this kid,Coach Bags Outlet, but so & quot;.'
aside snake suspended mid-air day, to see that the retreat of Xiao Yan could not help but sneer and shook his head – eyes passing touch of disdain,Coach Outlet, along with black chains frenzied attack, that heavy foot shadow is collapsing rapidly, relying our own strength, Xiao Yan did some hard fighting around eight weeks and were to compete, but fortunately, his real combat, and the surface level of strength, not consistent.
a heavy foot on the last shadow collapsing the moment, Xiao Yan body is bright Yinmang violent gush,Coach Outlet Online, immediately shocked body, into numerous blur, lightning retreat! 'laugh Ow!'
black chains go hand in hand, in the blur of just appeared, is suddenly and to, to the shock into nothingness, but fortunately Xiao Yan in the display to the extreme thousand thunderous after Kankan duck can be faster than that of law enforcement attack speed.
'Xiao Yan, which is that you dare to battle with the ability Plains? With your strength so, the remedy would like dust, really is a joke!' looked like a monkey-like sensitive Xiao Yan, duck Custodian Hanmang flashing, immediately sneered quipped.
air Yinmang flashing, Xiao Yan appear outside meter, do not ignore the clamor duck law enforcement, raised his head, not far from the latter directedA touch of grinning,Coach Outlet, hands mudra, then shoved a change.